American Cane Self Defense: The Art of Never Walking in Fear Again!

ACSD & The Cane: The Most Practical Self Defense System with The Most Practical Self Defense Tool for Today’s World!

Grandmaster Joe Robaina’s American Cane Self Defense allows you to live life fully, fearlessly, and confidently. ACSD is a complete system of self defense for facing the types of conflicts that may surprise you in daily living.

In our programs, you learn the ways of the modern day Cane Warrior, conquering your fears and insecurities so you live life confidently and fearlessly.    Unlike traditional martial arts, ACSD trains you to use tools so you are effective in hours rather than years.  Not only do we teach how to use the most effective self defense tool you can carry anywhere legally, the Cane, you will also develop the empty hand skills in the event you find yourself without a tool. Our training program is built around a modern approach to handling the types of threats and confrontations most likely to occur in our contemporary American culture.

ACSD is a realistic tactical self defense system composed of Cane and Empty Hand Skills. You do not need to study 5 different martial arts or training systems. We teach you how to defend against:

  • striking, punching, and kicking
  • grappling, throwing, and joint locking
  • defenses against weapons including, knife, gun, and all types of impact weapons
  • multiple attackers and surprise attacks
  • psychological intimidation and/or bullying

Beyond the basic training that leads to Certified Empowerment Coach in American Cane Self Defense, advanced courses include the following:

  • Advanced methods and training for survival in hostile environments against trained opponents.
  • Defenses against  armed opponents.

PLEASE TEXT CCC To (888) 487-1149 for your No Cost Cane Clarity Call so you know exactly how to structure your training at home so the traiing actually gets done and you get the results you want!

Combat Cane Spinning- The Fastest Growing Movement in the Cane Culture

ACSD Combat Cane Spinning is the fastest growing branch of American Cane Self Defense. It is also the most misunderstood by traditional Cane practitioners who are only familiar with the old and limited Cane Spinning they were exposed to in their training.

Joe Robaina and the Combat Cane Spinning Society have taken Cane Spinning from the horse and buggy to the leer jet in terms of skills, applicability, practicality, structure, community, support and dare we say…Cool and Fun!

This unique form of Combat Cane Spinning is best learned via:

  1. With At Home Training System Online Where we get to SEE YOU and Provide feedback just as we would in a class.
  2. LIVE Immersion 3-Day Trainings at the Miami HDQ

What is American Cane Self Defense?

American Cane Self Defense(ACSD), is the premiere reality based tactical Cane Self Defense system worldwide.

While others have introduced the Cane within the realm of martial arts, ACSD is the first to introduce the Cane as a stand-alone, tactical self defense system.

The system was developed and introduced by founder and American Cane Self Defense pioneer, Joe Robaina. Robaina who in over 3 decades attained master ranks in various martial arts introduced concepts, strategies, and training methods with step by step curriculums that allow anyone to learn and be effective with the Cane in real time.  The purpose of ACSD training is to engrain the life saving Cane Self Defense responses in the nerve system under the stress of an actual attack so you’re not paralyzed by the fear and shock of the moment. Instead, you can respond effectively,  with the mental, verbal, and physical skills so you can save your life or your loved ones’.

Also, unique to ACSD is the empty hand translations to the Cane Self Defense applications for times you don’t have your Cane and may find yourself empty handed. No problem, the American Cane Self Defense Empty Hand System is as effective as any in existence. This unique approach to practical and efficient self defense training sets ACSD apart as the world’s #1 Tactical Cane Self Defense system.

  1. Cane Self Defense:  You learn the cognitive, verbal, and physical Cane Self Defense skills that allow you to respond without freezing up understress or having the Cane taken away from you, so you can save your life and protect your loved ones.  There are various courses ranging from the Cane At Home 6 Week Challenge which gives you the ability to command respect with the Cane with just your first 2 hours of training to the dynamic Self Defense scenario based, American Cane Boxing to the Cane Morph course that prepare and empower you to survive multiple assailants.  Most courses are offered to you both live and home-study making it convenient to learn from the comfort  and safety of anywhere.
  2. Combat Cane Spinning: Also known as maneuverability or freestyling, is a fast growing art/social sport with tons of anti-aging benefits. This is the flashy twirling, spinning and “tricks” you may have seen Combat Caners doing in a fun, social atmosphere. Caners range from ages 7 to 97 and the hallmark of ACSD Combat Cane Spinning is that the maneuvers have combative applications. ACSD introduced many of today’s manevers and skills known as the Robaina-Line of Combat Cane Spinning to differentiate it from other styles of Cane maneuverability. ACSD created the Combat Cane Spinning Society for training, rank advancemnet, events, and ensuring the presevation of the art.
  3. Cane-Fitness: The ACSD Cane-Fitness system offers a unique method of exercise that improves cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, hand eye coordination, balance, ambidextrous skills, trains the brain and in an enjoyable group class or private setting. The training is appropriate for all ages and can be modified to accommodate physical injuries. Instructors are all certifed in the method and Classes are offered live or via video.

Beyond DVDS,  pre-recorded material which is old technology, American Cane Self Defense offers you LIVE online Cane Self Defense Training  where we get to correct you in real time. Can’t attend live sessions, no problem you’ll have the recorded session same day, with unparalleled support guidance and accountability.

To Get Started on your Cane Self Defense Journey, regardless of your level of experience, from beginner to instructor alike, TEXT CCC To (888) 487-1149 for your No Cost Cane Clarity Call where you will have a personal blueprint based on your Cane Training goal(s) so you know exactly what to do every time you pick up your Cane and you don’t waste time with missionless training.


Here’s the Official Definition of Robaina Style Combat Cane Spinning by the Combat Cane Spinning Society: 

Combative Cane Spinning is one of the three main components of American Cane Self Defense (ACSD). It consists of solo, combative movements in a non-scripted flow and the same in a two player format referred to as “Cane Play”.   The training teaches students simulated combat while applying the ACSD techniques with power, speed, and accuracy in a controlled manner.

Combat Cane Spinning teaches and refines practitioner’s (Player’s) footwork, timing, coordination and control. In application, the Cane Player executes a series of fluid defensive and counter-strike movements that simulate combat against one or multiple opponents. The combative flows whether solo or paired, feature strikes, parries, thrusts, and spins at varying tempos and heights.

As the name implies, the hallmark of Combat Cane Spinning and one of the key features that differentiates it from other forms of Cane Spinning, is the combative emphasis.  Every maneuver, footwork, and technique is performed with a self-defense purpose.

CCS  is an activity that appeals to Cane Players of all ages with physical, mental, and social benefits. It is more social than competitive and in Cane Play the emphasis is in pointing out the openings of the opponent without making contact while exhibiting skill, speed, and control. While the Canes make contact, striking the opposing player is prohibited.

Performed at the highest levels it is an art that exhibits fluidity, elegance, and control amongst Cane Players referred to as “Caners” in ACSD culture.

Whether Spinning or Cane Play, CCS sessions can provide a complete workout with an emphasis on hand-eye coordination, stamina, balance, agility, and flexibility.

From a social perspective, the goal of Combat Cane Spinning is to bring families and communities together with an activity that enhances and preserves mind-body coordination and is carried out in a joyful atmosphere.

Please Call: (888) 487-1149 to learn how you can learn Combat cane Spinning Directly from the Source!