All Metal Self Defense Cane—Robaina Raven


With Optional Discounted Cane at Home 6 Week Challenge!

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Makes No Sense To Own The World's #1 Self Defense Cane, and Have A Criminal Snatch It And Use It Against You. TRAINING IS THE REAL EQUALIZER.

The Ultimate One-Two Crunch of Cane Self Defense Preparedness Training - The Robaina Raven All Metal Self Defense Cane and The Cane At Home 6 Week Challenge Course at $100 OFF

The Raven is an an distinctive, powder coated all black aircraft grade aluminum cane and is a devastatingly, formidable impact the hands of a TRAINED individual.  The Raven comes in at 37 inches, light enough for speed, but does not sacrifice impact. The two sets of grips have been strategically placed on the sides for functionality and redesigned with non abrasive carvings for improved maneuverability and handling. The horn features a slightly sharper angled beak for a quicker release response while still maintaining its’ innocuous look. The all Metal Robaina Raven Self Defense Cane is my favorite self defense cane and is a Bazooka! 

About the Cane At Home 6 Week Challenge (CAH): Hands Down, The BEST Way To Get Cane Trained in the Comfort and Safety of Home, Any Where In The World!

OVER 100 Certified Cane LEADERS Worldwide Since The Pandemic!

Without any reservation and with complete confidence I can tell you that if you want to quickly become effective using the Cane to defend yourself against an attacker, hands down, the BEST way to get started with Cane Training is with the Cane At Home 6 Week Challenge. Period! The Cane At Home 6 Week Challenge normally sells for $297 but you can get it at $200 off with your cane order. Just $97!!!

CAH is a tactical cane self defense supervised training course that allows ACSD Certfied Cane Leaders and Instructors have their trained eyes on you just as if you were in a class!  Compared to trying to learn on your own from video which doesn't give you the support, guidance, or accountability will NOT get you the results you seek. Even worse is wasting time trying to patch videos together on Youtube.   

6 Week Challenge

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