The NEW American Cane Boxing Cane! aka “The 32”


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The NEW American Cane Boxing Cane from American Cane Self Defense is already changing the Cane Self Defense  game for close quarters combat. Conceived by American Cane Self Defense Founder and Pioneer Joe Robaina specifically for the American Cane Boxing curriculum, this Cane is creating a paradigm shift as a compact and convenient every day carry Cane, practical for solo traning, and ideal for the dynamic skills taught in the American Cane Boxing curriculum.

ADVANTAGES of The ACB Cane: (The ideal length for this ACB Cane is 4 inches shorter than your Standard Cane and you would order as such. Example: If you carry a standard 36", you would order a 32")

  • At 32", it's more compact, requires less tensile strength for handling so you are faster with it.
  • It is ideal for the quick, 2 handed dynamic striking and locking of American Cane Boxing.
  • Allows for successive striking and transitions with little to no wear and tear on your joints.
  • The Unique Palm Rest (Personal Protection Extnesor) gives you the quickest release response for defending against grabs and adds an ideal striking dimension from any angle and Cane Grip.
  • The Palm Rest is afixed so solidly, the Shaft would give bfeore the Palm Rest joint. In other words, this is a practical and tactical personal protection Cane that is ultra conveninet to carry.
  • It's not too short to call attention to itself and properly sized does NOT break walking posture.
  • It is a SPACE SAVER for solo tranining in confined spaces.
  • Comes in four Colors: Natural, Black, Ox Blood Red (Crimson), Gun Stock Brown

This is a unique and convenient mobility device that could save your life.

Please call 800-289-8188 with any questions.

ACB Cane Natural Color
ACB Cane Natural Color
ACB Cane Ox Blood Red
ACB Cane In Black
ACB Cane Gunstock Brown


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