The NEW Crimson Spinner XL


Meet Your New Favorite Cane! With Optional Discounted Cane at Home 6 Week Challenge.

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The long awaited Crimson Spinner XL represents Joe Robaina's vision for a New Generation of Canes that offer maximum functionality coupled with ease of maneuverability. Referred to as a "Mack Truck that Spins like a Ferrari", the Crimson Spinner XL immediately improves your maneuverabilty 20-30%, yet is hard and sturdy enough to to take care of business.  It has every feature you want in a self defense Cane yet, it almost Spins on it's own!

Innovation At Its Finest!

In addition to the special select oak construction and features that put it in a class by itself, The new Crimson Spinner XL has a set of unique features that make it elegant, swift and powerful and a joy to maneuver and carry:

Color:  The unique, rich Red tone is bolder than the standard Crimson Spinner so if you own both, you'll appreciate the contrast in colors.

Horn: Detailed attention for an elegant innocuous look with a tight bite.

Eyes: Only the finest Swarovski Crystal Eyes are used in Green or Red.

Unique Serial Number Engraving: Every Crimson Spinner XL comes with its own serial number engraved

BONUS:  "The Cane Traveler's Card"- Included with Every Crimson Spinner XL!

A credit card quality "Traveler's Card" that lets security personnel and interested parties know your Cane is classified as a mobility device and ambulatory tool. Includes ADA, HIPPA, and TSA hotlines.  Another ACSD first in your best interests and overall value!


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