The Player Cane


The BEST All Around Training Cane! With Discounted Optional Cane At Home Six Week Challenge.

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Discounted At Home Six Week Challenge

LIVE Virtual Cane At Home Training with ACSD Certified Leader ______________! Mondays-Thursdays 11am-11:30am Eastern. ALL Sessions Recorded So You Can Access If Can’t Attend Live!

Experience what Caners around the world have discovered: Cane Training can and will change your life in as little as 15 min/day.
BUT….Like everything else, you have to know what you’re doing AND you need to do it CONSISTENTLY.

The Player: Meet The Premiere All Around Training Cane from American Cane Self Defense!

The Player Cane by American Cane Self Defense is Designed

To: * Withstand the Rigors of Cane Training-Heavy Bag Training, Spinning, Dropping Canes✅

* It's light and easy to manever so you can do ANY Cane Manueverability skill✅

* Ideal for Cane on Cane Cane Play✅

* Non-Abrasive Horn so you don't "snag" your training partner✅

The Player Cane is ideal for beginners and advanced Caners alike. Specifically for those: *

In the Cane At Home 6 Week Challenge ( The BEST way to get started with Cane Training Today) ✅ * Instrcutors who want the best all around trainnig features in ONE Cane ✅

As Always feel free to order with confidence from our website: OR CALL; 800-289-8188

👉Want to know how to get started with Cane Training today regardless of where you live and expereince level? TEXT CCC to 305-745-7839 and the ACSD Team will schedule you in less than 24 hours 👈


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