Testimonials for Doc Stull

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Carolyn Hino-Bourassa

Doc Stull really went the extra mile in making the class a success.  He has a natural talent for turning an instructional environment into a fun and exciting experience.  He taught each class with enthusiasm and never ceased to encourage us.   The curriculum is very ambitious and in just six weeks, I learned many more moves than I thought I would.  I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves but does not have the time and physical ability to learn a more traditional form of martial arts.

Carolyn Hino-Bourassa

Ken Sparrow

June 15, 2021

I’ve had the good fortune to train firsthand under Doc Stull’s guidance. And to train with him through the ACSD Intermediate online live training course for the past year. Doc is a treat to learn from and to train with.  His contributions to the training process through inciteful posts and comments and his enthusiasm and valuable questions during training sessions have helped all of us who trained with him to constantly improve our skills.  Doc combines great teaching skills with terrific showmanship to get the most from his students and caning friends.

Ken Sparrow aka Keyser Soze



Brian Pector

June 18, 2021

Recommendation for Doc Stull as a Teacher

I am a former Military Officer in the USAF. I have been in many instructor/teaching positions in this capacity: Chief Instructor of all Flight Commanders at the USAF Officer Training School at Lackland AFB and Chief Navigator Instructor at Clark AFB, Philippines. I know what makes a good instructor/teacher.  I’ve observed Doc Stull for six months with him acting as my instructor/teacher in a Martial Arts discipline. Doc exhibits true patience, total understanding of the subject at hand, and the outstanding ability to effectively communicate his knowledge to others. He constantly challenges himself and his students with exceptional teaching methods based on his curiosity and enthusiasm to develop new ways to clearly present the subject material at hand.  If I had to have an instructor/teacher on my staff in a classroom environment, I would want it to be Doc Stull. He’s that good! I totally recommend him for any instructor/teaching position he may seek.

Major Brian Pector, USAF Ret



Craig Riordan

March 8, 2021

I have had the opportunity to train in several self-defense and martial arts styles, including Shuri-ryū Karate, Aikido, police self-defense training, and Army Ranger hand-to-hand combat training.  American Cane Self-Defense is the best self-defense training I’ve ever experienced:

  1. This form of self-defense allows the student to become proficient and confident in a short amount of time.
  2. The techniques in this system make sense, there is no wasted movement or energy, and the student does not have a background in martial arts or athletics to become proficient.
  3. The techniques are instantly applicable, allowing the student to use the cane for leverage and maximum effect.
  4. Finally, the training sessions are delightful, dare I say even fun! There is no practicing the same punch 1000 times on a heavy bag or hours of practicing kata; instead, the student learns practical and effective techniques in a matter of weeks by investing thirty minutes per lesson, two days a week.

My ACSD California Instructor recommended the “Player Cane” as the best learning tool and practicing American Cane Self Defense.  So true!  Beautifully constructed and balanced, I found the Player Cane ideal for training, increasing my effectiveness and confidence.

ACSD Advanced Instructor Richard “Doc” Stull was a remarkable instructor, He was ideal in balancing patience, encouragement, unique insights, and a great sense of humor to create a friendly, non-intimidating, and highly effective learning environment. Doc’s doctorate in biomechanics, his background in martial arts, boxing, and dance, and his years of teaching experience as a professor allow him to recognize and share insights that are incredibly beneficial and unique to his students.  Doc’s lessons are like cheesecake; every bite is very rich (one gets much out of every minute).  Doc is an instructor that can make any student feel comfortable while they gain confidence and proficiency.

Dr. Craig Riordan

Dick Shannon

June 29, 2021

I was new to the American Cane Self Defense system and at times I questioned my abilities to learn the various skills being demonstrated.  Many times, it was through the questions that you asked GM Robaina that brought clarity to a particular skill and helped me to understand it more fully the application.  Doc, you have never been one to just accept something simply on its face value.  You take a skill and analyze it, break it down into its individual components, question for clarity so that you not only learn them correctly for yourself, but so you can then teach others not only how but why they are done a certain way.  You have the ability to put into words what needs to be communicated to your students and fellow caners along with your demonstrations to increase their understanding and expedite their learning.  When you review their submissions, you give them positive feedback on what they are doing correctly and are gentle with any corrections so as not to discourage them and remind them that everyone learns at their own rate.  I have watched the progress of your students as well as your fellow caners over time, both in the Cane At Home 6 Week Challenges and Cane Tribe, and how their canin’ skills have grown.  With your music background, you often use the rhythm of the music to bring various canin’ concepts to life.  Again, this helps bring clarity and understanding to the art.  In addition to your enthusiasm for the Cane Culture and empowering others in the use of the cane, you bring your skills and teaching talents with a sense of humor which helps keep everyone at ease and eager to learn.  You have never been afraid to laugh at yourself but have never made a joke at someone else’s expense.  That is a sign of a true gentleman, always aware of others’ needs and feelings, and there to support and lift them when needed.  Doc, thank you for your support and contributions as we have traveled together through the Leader and Advanced Curriculums, and now into the Master’s Curriculum.  You are an inspiration to others, and it is always enjoyable to cane with you.

Your friend and Fellow “Caner 4 Life”,  Richard “Dick” Shannon

Carol Scher

Friday, March 5, 2021

I loved this class! I learned so much more than I thought I would. My biggest hurdle was finding the time to practice, but as I got better, I practiced more because it was so much fun to do the cane moves.  Richard (Doc) Stull is a great teacher, very encouraging, and takes the time to slow it down and explain the moves in detail. He sent us copies of the class so we could go over and over the more difficult moves until understanding how to do them.  I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn new skills that use something, a cane, that you might carry every day. I am 74, so using a cane is something I might use more now, especially hiking. Most of all, Doc Stull makes the class so much fun!

Carol Scher



Jan Arboit

Dear Coach Richard,

I wanted to send you a note of thanks for the excellent cane class I participated in last month.  I not only learned excellent self-defense skills, but I had so much fun in the process! You are an excellent teacher and I truly appreciate all your efforts to make this class possible via zoom! I would recommend it to anyone!  With gratitude,

Jan Arboit


Larry Bear

June 30, 2021

Don’t walk in fear anymore. Learn how to defend yourself with the one tool you can carry anywhere. Doc Stull in Northern California teaches ACSD ( American Cane Self Defense ). Learn how to use this simple mobility device to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Doc will teach you to have confidence in yourself and your ability to defend yourself if the time should ever arise.  In today’s world, everyone needs an advantage on their side in case of an altercation. Will you be ready when trouble comes to you? I certainly hope so. Be safe and carry a cane.

Larry Bear

H. Keith Melton Cane Masters – President, Chief Cane Smith
Government Security Consultant Chooses ACSD  
H. Keith Melton    October 29, 2017  

“In my work as a government consultant, I travel to many troubled places in the world where I feel a need for greater personal security. After carefully evaluating my options, I learned that Joe Robaina is one of the two specialists in cane defense and the best possible instructor. Twelve months ago I began training privately with Grandmaster Robaina at his studio in Miami for several hours of private instruction each week.
– My instruction works around my physical limitations,
– GM Robaina is patient and understanding but focused and a true professional
– My training centers on self-defense and “street combat” scenarios which closely replicate my real my world travel experiences on airplanes, trains, restaurants, crowded streets, etc.,
– My sessions never exceed my limitations.
– My learning has happened very quickly. After several weeks of training, I felt a new level of confidence.
– GM Robaina tailors each session to my interests and needs.
I am pleased to enthusiastically recommend training with Joe Robaina and his Elite American Cane Self Defense private training system.