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Daniel Latrimurti Albuquerque, NM
Integrity, Honesty, Commitment  
Daniel Latrimurti    September 19, 2017   Albuquerque, NM   

This testimonial is not about canes, or cane training exactly. It is about Dr. Joe Robaina, whom I have known and worked with and worked for going on 7 years and as someone with more than a casual association it is my honor to be able to share one little tidbit about Joe. It was pretty early on in our relationship that I came to realize what a quality individual Dr. Joe is. He possesses personal and professional qualities that are in short supply in our modern world. Dr. Joe has an honest and sincere compassion for others and helping others around him. I actually told him that if I come back for another life that I am going to pick him as my Dad. Dr. Joe is the kind of man that every son would want to have for a dad. I don’t know how to say it any other way that such a metaphor. If you do business with Dr. Joe you get this code, this integrity and honest desire to help you become the most effective practitioner of tactical cane self defense you can possibly be. Dr. Joe has a deep disdain for the ‘bad guys’ and especially the ‘bad guys’ who pray upon the innocent. Dr. Joe is the protectors, protector.

Gil Martinez Florida

An Experience Second to None

From first hand experience in many courses in many schools , Dr Robina teaching, guidance and follow up with students is SECOND TO NONE.

World Cass Instructor and opportunity he is offering.

I strongly recommend this course. –

Gil Martinez, Florida

H. Keith Melton Cane Masters – President, Chief Cane Smith
Government Security Consultant Chooses ACSD  
H. Keith Melton    October 29, 2017  

“In my work as a government consultant, I travel to many troubled places in the world where I feel a need for greater personal security. After carefully evaluating my options, I learned that Joe Robaina is one of the two specialists in cane defense and the best possible instructor. Twelve months ago I began training privately with Grandmaster Robaina at his studio in Miami for several hours of private instruction each week.
– My instruction works around my physical limitations,
– GM Robaina is patient and understanding but focused and a true professional
– My training centers on self-defense and “street combat” scenarios which closely replicate my real my world travel experiences on airplanes, trains, restaurants, crowded streets, etc.,
– My sessions never exceed my limitations.
– My learning has happened very quickly. After several weeks of training, I felt a new level of confidence.
– GM Robaina tailors each session to my interests and needs.
I am pleased to enthusiastically recommend training with Joe Robaina and his Elite American Cane Self Defense private training system.

Eli Freedman Canada
A Fantastic Teacher  
Eli Freedman    November 19, 2015   Canada   

I just finished the Cane Seminar with GM Joe. Traveled all the way from Canada to participate. GM Joe is a fantastic teacher and true Martial Artist, in every sense of the word. He has developed a realistic fighting system with the Cane.

It was an intense Seminar, covering a lot of material and applications. I really enjoyed his teaching methods and explanations, both with the Cane and its Empty-hand translations. I would highly recommend GM Joe as a teacher and if you can, take any of his Seminars. Thank you once again, GM Joe!!

Eli Freedman, ACSD Canada

Frank Applin Virginia

Simple, Practical and Effective Training  

“ GM Robaina has taken centuries old combative principles adapted them for modern day street self defense and presents it in the simplest, most practical way I have ever seen. His method takes the complex and makes it ready to use.

His effectiveness and economy of motion are ridiculous. My only question is…where were YOU 20 years ago?!!!” –

Frank Applin, Martial Arts Instructor, Gladstone, VA

Van Perryman Texas
Van Perryman    November 19, 2015   Texas   

“I have military and law enforcement experience and studied martial arts over 40 years…and I’m NOT just saying this: I’ve NEVER seen anything like GM Robaina’s ACSD. At my age, I never thought I would see something truly different in self-defense.

I really believe Robaina’s method WILL change the way we’ve been doing things in the martial arts. Can’t wait to implement his method at my schools. Highly recommend it for anyone who wants to be at the cutting edge of tactical self- defense”-

Van Perryman, Instructor, Heartland, Texas.

Ken Willoughby Florida

Feeling Better After Just 3 Days  

“Two years ago I developed a deteriorating condition that kept me bedridden, unable to move. I came to this class wanting to learn the cane system and in 3 days I’m feeling better than I have in a long time.

Even my wife notices they change in my attitude and I’m incredibly excited about what this cane course is doing for me.” –

Ken Willoughby , Esq. –Florida